Mission Statement

The Bolt & Quarrel Club is an organization committed two reestablishing the decade’s old tradition of crossbow hunting through the continued growth and development of the sport, and actively participating in the conservation and preservation activities focused on enhancing the hunting ecosystem. In addition to being the official registrar and recognition organization for world class North American big game animals harvested with the crossbow. 

What Is The History Of Crossbow Hunting?

People are and always will be hunters. The Crossbow has fed people for generations, with its beginnings traced back to the bible around 500 BC (Chronicles 26:5). The crossbow was mainly used as a weapon until West Africa began hunting with them around 1066,  For the most part the Crossbow has been in use for over   500,000 years, though its popularity varied until the early 1800s when the Crossbow came to North America with the English settlers and the African slaves. It was used primarily in the American South when guns, ammo and gun powder were scarce, and in the extreme northern parts by the Inuit’s as tradition. The Crossbow lost favor and was rarely seen again until the 20th century other than military use.. 
In 2009 the Crossbow was introduced in Michigan for deer hunting, and today is fastest growing segment of hunters and hunting in North America.  And today it is a widely accepted means of harvesting big game animals. 

What Are The Core Values Of Crossbow Hunting?

The very core of the Bolt & Quarrel Club’s values are wrapped in the principles of high standards of conduct and ethics in how we pursue animals. We believe that an ethical code is required of all hunters and is the cornerstone of protecting hunting for future generations. Bolt & Quarrel Club prohibits our volunteer certified measurers from any involvement with the buying and/or selling of antlers/horns and/or anyone that does. 

Who Is The Crossbow Hunter?

The crossbow hunter is an ethical hunter and a hunter with complete respect for the animal and the fair chase method in which he pursues it. 

The crossbow hunter strives to be a master at his craft, continually learning, practicing and applying the skills required to safely and humanely harvest a big game animal.  

The crossbow hunter is a conservationist, actively maintaining an active and overall perspective of the importance of harmony between habitat and wildlife. 

The crossbow hunter does not gauge his success by results, but rather by the total adventure experienced. 

The crossbow hunter will acknowledges and accepts all forms of bow hunting not just his preferred method.  

The crossbow hunter is a promoter of his craft by teaching and mentoring all persons expressing an interest in hunting.