Our Conservation Mission

Hunter conservation refers to the protection and preservation of biodiversity. In other words the environment and natural resources.

The Bolt & Quarrel Club sees a need to focus on protecting our planet and the conservation of it. With every year that passes we lose more wildlife and Habitat. We are more concerned than ever about the future of both ours and the next generation’s lives. The Bolt & Quarrel Club sees a Changing Role of Hunting in North American Conservation. By accepting our role caretakers of America’s wildlife we are invaluable as a wildlife conservation tool. By supporting worthy efforts to procure lands, manage lands, and protect, harvest and control wildlife, crossbow hunters as the fastest growing segment of hunters will play a critical role in ensuring the future of our sport, today and for generations to come.

We should always remember “Aldo Leopold” the father of conservation when he surmised the modern relevance of hunting by stating “A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community.