Position statements are posted to inform hunters and non-hunters alike about Bolt & Quarrel Clubs stance on conservation and hunting issues.  

Fair Chase

The Bolt & Quarrel Club sees Fair Chase as the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and harvest of any big game animal that is naturally bred and lives in nature in a manner which does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the animal. Following the Rules of Fair Chase is required by anyone submitting an animal for entry in the Club’s Records Program.

High Fence

The Bolt & Quarrel Club WILL NOT consider animals harvested in game-proof fenced enclosures at or below 1000 acres, to meet the fair chase requirement.

Canned Shoots

The Bolt & Quarrel Club WILL NOT accept and damns the harvest of any animals in artificially created environment where the harvested animal was held in or released from captivity.  The Bolt & Quarrel Club does not accept into its Records Program any animal taken under any captive scenarios.

Antler/Horn Buying

The Bolt & Quarrel Club believes that the practice of buying/selling antlers and horns is a direct abuse of The Bolt & Quarrel Club scoring systems.  The use of this system to determine an animal’s value is in complete opposition to purposes and objectives of the scoring system.

Cross-Tagging or Proxy Hunting

The Bolt & Quarrel Club defines this as practice of tagging an animal he or she has legally harvested with the tag of another person.  No animal tagged by this method (even if legal) will be accepted for Records Program consideration.

Search and Recovery

The Bolt & Quarrel Club believes every hunter should give maximum effort to recover all animals. This includes the use of leashed tracking Dogs. The records program will accept animals recovered by trained dogs ONLY IN LEGALIZED STATES.

Use of Tracking Dogs

The Bolt & Quarrel Club will accept Records Program entries recovered by this method, under the following conditions:

  1. It must be legal to do so in the state or province of the hunt.
  2. The dog must meet all requirements concerning training and/or licensing for that state/province.
  3. The dog must be leashed and controlled by a handler for the entire search.
  4. Hunter that made the shot must be present.
  5. Recovery must be completed within 72 hours of shooting.
  6. May not be used after locating animal alive.
  7. Must be the last method employed to recover an animal, unless medically documented physical requirements prevent tracking or trailing.


The Bolt & Quarrel Club believes the use of these remote-controlled aircraft to scout, monitor and stalk North American big game during crossbow hunting activities is a fundamental infringement of the rules of Fair Chase and with its aide, gives the hunter an unfair advantage. The B&Q Club thus will not accept any animal harvested with the help of a drone or other aerial assisted method into the records program. The Bolt & Quarrel Club stands with efforts by state wildlife authorities to ban the use of UAVs to aid or assist in any form of hunting.

Trail Cameras

With the advances in technology the hunter can now purchase cameras capable of transmitting pictures and videos to the hunters’ phone, or computer. The Bolt & Quarrel Club believes that this gives a hunter an unfair advantage and thus does not meet fair chase requirements. Any animal harvested with the aid of such a camera will not qualify for the record book. Trail Cameras that require the the physical download or card replacement at the camera itself is acceptable.


The Bolt & Quarrel Club sees the use of rangefinders to enhance the hunters ethical harvest of game animals by delivering an accurate distance reading, thereby reducing the hunters chance of shot misplacement, or taking a shot outside the hunters effective range. Therefore does not violate the rules fair chase and thus, will accept animals for submission taken with the use of a rangefinder or scopes with a rangefinder.

Air Bow

As the inventor himself classifies this as an air gun, and by definition a devise for propelling an arrow or bolt by means of compressed air, we do not consider this a crossbow. The Bolt & Quarrel Club will not accept an animal taken by this method.


If the state you are hunting  classifies it as a Crossbow, and is legally permitted. The Bolt & Quarrel Club will recognize it and accept it for Entry


The Bolt & Quarrel Club sees the development of the Torsion Crossbow as the natural progression of the crossbow and shall be accepted if, legal to use for hunting said animal in the state it is used, and per the prescribed states guidelines.