Minimum Scores for Bolt & Quarrel Club Big Game

 The chart below gives the required minimum scores for all North American big game given recognition by the Bolt & Quarrel Club. Trophies meeting the required verified score will be added to the Bolt & Quarrel Club records book, and recognized at the bi-annual Banquet. 

black bear18
grizzly bear19
Alaska brown bear19
polar bear*23
American typical elk300
American non-typical elk330
Tule elk250
Roosevelt’s elk225
typical mule deer150
non-typical mule deer170
typical Columbia blacktail90
non-typical Columbia blacktail115
typical Sitka blacktail deer75
non-typical Sitka blacktail85
typical whitetail deer125
non-typical whitetail deer140
typical Coues’ deer85
non-typical Coues’ deer90
Canada moose135
Alaska-Yukon moose170
Shiras’ moose120
mountain caribou300
woodland caribou220
barren ground caribou340
Central Canada b-g caribou300
Quebec-Labrador caribou300
Rocky Mountain goat40
musk ox90
bighorn sheep145
desert sheep150
Dall’s sheep140
Stone’s sheep140
Atlantic Walrus95
Pacific Walrus100

* Must be taken and/or possessed in full compliance with the Marine Mammals Act/ Endangered Species Act and/or other federal and state laws. 

** From lower 48 states, eligible only if recognized by state as a game animal, with hunting season and license specified.