Each year a number of record class animals taken by legal crossbow hunters are shunned by the bow hunting community. With the growing popularity of the crossbow and crossbow hunting it is only fair to have a system that affords crossbow hunters an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of the sport and impacting the legacy? 

Many years ago an organization called Boone and Crockett developed The Boone and Crockett Scoring System so that different animals harvested in every part of the country could be fairly compared and ranked against each other. 

The standard developed utilizes a mathematical system to measure an animal by using standard predetermined positive and negative measurements that are recorded, compiled and then added together to achieve a final score for that animal. This is accomplished by a, recognized official scorer for the system, utilizing the unit of measure called inches. 

Each big game species uses a Standard scoring system developed solely for that animal. These scores provide results that can then be ranked and compared. Each big game animal must meet the minimum score established for that species to be recorded for eternity in the record book for that species of big game. 

Each species has unique measurements. For instance, the bear or a cat, scoring system is quite simple. The length and the width of the skull is measured, and totaled. For antlered species, a different system was developed to take into account the various different growths of the animal in question. The deer species caused problems, because antler growth varies wildly. For that reason a standard for a typical, as well as a non-typical antler rack was developed. Each type of rack is assigned its own minimum score for inclusion into the record book. 

This system works just fine for scoring big game animals, taken with a firearm but minimum scores were established for the use of longer range weapons. With the inclusion of archery hunting, a shorter range weapon a modification to those minimums was required. Thus The Pope and Young Scoring System emerged. 

With the technological advances of today’s archery equipment, though still a short range weapon, the crossbow achieves greater distance and accuracy than ever before. For that reason a review of state record minimums were averaged with Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young to establish The Bolt & Quarrel Records Minimum scores.